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Kuboraum’s Manifesto WE TRAVEL TO KNOW OUR OWN GEOGRAPHY alludes to an ongoing, transcendent journey beyond the borders of the body in reaction to the stagnant, immobile cultures pre-determined by imposed existential realities. A journey to know and build one’s own geography, originating from the need for sharing and the innate desire to build a community. Only a curatorial research not limited to presenting contents but serving the higher purpose of triggering a movement will be able to stimulate this journey in each of us.

Rejecting any definition of ‘genre’, Kuboraum pursues a curatorial research of the non-genre, proposing always different contents and formats impossible to be boxed in any rigid and suffocating category.

Kuboraum Editions – Berlin


Digital / Double LP Vinyl 12”

LTD Edition, 500 hand-numbered copies

September 8th 2023
SALÓ is a mystifying fusion of noise, prog rock and psychedelic music that attempts to imagine a “dreamy and decadent” Roman renaissance. It’s the brainchild of multi-disciplinary artist Emiliano Maggi, who links with Mai Mai’s Toni Cutrone, Wildmen’s Giacomo Mancini, producer Cosimo Damiano and musician, writer and critic Stefano Di Trapani to distill a wellspring of poems, fairytales, anecdotes and mythologies – drawing on mythological symbolism, medieval theater and rural iconography – into an oozing celebration of art, ecstasy and extravagance.


SALÓ developed as a way to challenge both themselves and their audience, performing with the ensemble exhaustively before they were ready to pen their debut full-length. The project is seen as a way to extend an artistic conversation across disciplines, unifying all their different interests; at any given performance, it’s hard to know what to expect, and that’s the point. One day SALÓ might be a full band, the next it could be a painting, a string ensemble or a choir. This irreverence and mischievousness undergirds the album, offering its sprawling, ambitious compositions a level of carnivalesque eccentricity that’s impossible to ignore.


Limited edition of 500 copies, also available for digital download. Each hand-numbered copy contains a print of one of Emiliano Maggi’s drawings, which he hand-colored one by one, making every print one-of-a-kind.


Recorded & Produced by Cosimo Damiano at Rocchi Studios
Mixed at Rocchi Studios by Cosimo Damiano & Morphine Raum Records by Rabih Beaini and Nene Baratto
Mastered by Neel at EnissLab
Artwork & costumes by Emiliano Maggi


Released September 8, 2023