“All’s good if it’s excessive”  This is SALÒ’s driving ethos – the manifesto of a new, dreamy and decadent Roman Renaissance propounded by Emiliano Maggi, Toni Cutrone, Giacomo Mancini, Stefano Di Trapani and Cosimo Damiano. The 4th act of Kuboraum’s Digital Sound Residency presents Salò’s ‘La Ballata delle Mosche’.


Springing from the Pasolinian macrocosm, Salò’s anthology is based on dualities: finding pleasure in the decadent, on literature and perversion, eternity and situationism, the grotesque and the visionary, fantasy and reality, the baroque and the contemporary, critique and provocation. All these juxtaposed elements come together in an allusive, murky imagery and open performative dimension which deny any form of canonicity or morality. Salo’s boundary-rejecting performances act as a medium to translate dualities into ritual practice and open a window in this performative landscape, combining psychedelic scenarios and mythological symbolism, rituality and rural iconography made of fairy tales, dreams and hypnotic scenes. 

A synaesthesia of noise music, esoteric atmospheres, baroque costumes and performance. Different artistic levels intersecting in a moment of collective creativity, which does not follow a specific path but stems from the holistic combination of different sounds.