The second host of this series is the pioneer of the Birmingham electronic music scene,
the man behind several projects which changed the electronic music scene,
the Downwards founder, artist and producer REGIS.

LET LOVE DECIDE, written by REGIS, is an extract from the one-off performance LET THE NIGHT RETURN by Karl O’Connor aka REGIS which took place in June 2019 at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus in Peloponnese – Greece.
A remarkable UNESCO world heritage site devoted to Asclepius – the Greek god of medicine. The 2,360-year-old, 14.000 capacity open-air Auditorium which is still standing in its original form and shape, as the oldest and last remaining blueprint of architectural acoustics, naturally became the ideal setting for the act.
In LET LOVE DECIDE Regis is shifting between his signature acoustics old and new, designing a huge spectrum of his deep personality while using his incredible cult voice.

Kuboraum is honoured to receive LET LOVE DECIDE as a gift from one of their favourite artists and friend.

written by Regis
published by Downwards
mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab