Rainy Miller


We are pleased to host multidisciplinary artist and Fixed Adobe label head Rainy Miller for the 13th episode of the Kuboraum Digital Sound Residency, unveiling ‘My Wings, Never Clipped / But They Began Semi-Broken’, an uplifting abstract soundscape not just to be listened to but, most of all, to be felt.


Rainy Miller, birth name Jack Bowes, was born in Longridge, a small market town eight miles from Preston. Subservient to the northern city in which he was born and raised, the region’s nearly forgotten underbelly is sewn into the fabric of Rainy Miller’s music and motif.

His passion for music and production can be traced back to the idiosyncratic grime sound that swept through his hometown in the early 2000s, a hyper-localised scene that paired grime beats with rapid-fire bars. After moving to Manchester, Rainy quickly became integral part of the North West experimental electronic scene alongside artists such as Iceboy Violet, Space Afrika, and Blackhaine.


Integrating aesthetics from his childhood through a DIY approach, Miller’s own output is nothing if not strikingly unique. Rejecting any attempt to define ‘genre’, he shapes emotionally charged soundscapes intertwining cinematic autotune vocals around deconstructed drill and industrial ambient soundscapes.


His debut release ‘Limbs’ in 2019 already showed the signs of his very own approach: a soulful neo-R&B excursion throughout ten tracks of emoting autotune over smooth, moody melodic beats interspersed with dabbles of Preston chitter-chatter.

In 2020, a long-time collaboration started with Blackhaine, whom Rainy shared the studio with. The same year, Blackhaine released his debut EP ‘Armour’ produced by Rainy on Fixed Abode, followed by the co-produced ‘And Salford Falls Apart’ (2021 via The White Hotel’s HEAD II label) and ‘Armour II’ (2022 via Fixed Abode).

Following his second solo project, ‘A Choreographed Interruption’ (2021 via Fixed Abode), in 2023 Rainy released ‘DESQUAMATION’ via HEAD II, his latest and most ambitious project to date. A full bloodied, emotionally visceral piece of work segueing and stretching across a sound world of contorted pop and laconic drill that will cement Miller’s position at the cutting edge of contemporary electronic music, pushing the culture to always move forward.


Rainy Miller will be teaming up with Emma DJ to perform at WE TRAVEL TO KNOW OUR OWN GEOGRAPHY, the two-day festival on April 18th and 19th presented and co-curated by Kuboraum together with Terraforma, in partnership with Combo, during the Opening of the 60th Venice Art Biennale.