The 7th episode of Kuboraum’s Digital Sound Residency unveils ‘Lapsed’ by MOIN, an experimental ensemble made of London-based production duo Raime (Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead) and percussionist Valentina Magaletti.

Born initially as a side-project by Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, Moin released its first self-titled EP on Blackest Ever Black in 2013, an overtly sparse post-punk soundscape featuring primitive drums, squalling guitar drones and commanding bass, forming carefully prescribed bursts of passion.

Later joined by long-time collaborator and percussionist Valentina Magaletti, the trio released in 2020 their debut album ‘Moot!’ On AD93, an 8-track experimental project spanning post-punk, psychedelia and alternative rock with the guitar and Valentina Magaletti’s percussion clearly front and center, giving the album a unique organic texture filled with incantation-like vocals.

Their latest album ‘Paste’ (2022) released on AD93 embraces post-rock, live dub, field recordings and spoken word in a raw, emotional music collage whose kernel you will never locate. Balancing teenage nostalgia and enduring influences from the ‘80s & ‘90s in a form of kinetic energy that moves perpendicular to contemporary trends, it carries the listener on a rough ride through the darker parts of the psyche, not settling on any one style but moving through them in search of new connections.