MC Yallah & Debmaster


Ugandan rapper and Nyege Nyege affiliate MC Yallah teams up with Berlin-based producer Debmaster to unleash ‘Nzimba Zinyota’ for the 14th episode of the Kuboraum Digital Sound Residency.


Hailing from Kenya and shaped by Uganda, MC Yallah has etched her legacy in the hip-hop realm for nearly two decades. Fluent in Luganda, Luo, Kiswahili, and English, she seamlessly fuses conscious and futuristic hip-hop, grime, punk, and trap into her music. With her rapid, precise delivery and a distinct, poetic, and experimental style, she draws from her own journey to confront women’s issues and champion integrity and self-empowerment.


Her latest release ‘Yallah Beibe’ (2023) via Hakuna Kulala is the fiery follow-up to Yallah and Debmaster’s acclaimed 2019 debut ‘Kubali’. After her tour plans were cut short as COVID-19 broke out in 2020, Yallah returned to Kampala and started work on her sophomore album at NyegeNyege’s villa. The process was more complicated this time around, developing pointedly from an initial back-and-forth with Debmaster and flourishing as beats appeared from Japanese producer Scotch Rolex and Congolese club maestro Chrisman. The finished album is an international patchwork of futuristic cyber-rap experiments fastened together by Yallah’s unforgettable personality and elastic flow.