Lucy Railton


Pleased to share the 12th episode of the Digital Sound Residency hosting British multi-instrumentalist Lucy Railton with ‘Medieval Sui’, an ambiguous, intimate piece conceived during a period of stay in Venice while sheltering from torrential rain, dramatic tidal shifts, and surreal opulent encounters.


Lucy Railton is a cellist, composer, and curator whose practices originate from a deep dedication to the physicality of sound. Her works span electroacoustic practices to field recordings, exploring the realms of resonance, psychoacoustics, synthesis and microtonality. Since 2018, she has released albums on imprints like Modern Love, Editions Mego, Portraits GRM, PAN, ECM, SN Variations, Shelter Press and Takuroku.


In November 2023, Lucy released ‘Corner Dancer’ via Modern Love, immaculately articulating the breadth of her artistic range, drawn from a nearly 20 year career as a soloist, writer and collaborator. Following her 2018 solo debut ‘Paradise 94’, and countless collaborations – recently in duo with legendary EMS co-founder Peter Zinovieff and in trio with Kali Malone and Stephen O’Malley, plus appearances on recordings by Beatrice Dillon, Ellen Arkbro, Laurel Halo and Petter Eldh – Railton’s diverse musical circles bleed into each other, revealing vulnerable and compelling emotional facets through a fluid mix of composition, and pure expression.