Emma DJ


Unleashing the 10th episode of Kuboraum’s Digital Sound Residency dedicated to Finnish native producer Emma DJ.

Intuitively exploring the wide spectrum of electronic music, Emma DJ haphazardly glues together sculptural soundscapes that defy the boundaries of genre, crossing experimental, ambient, trap, and deconstructed club-ready styles. Uneasy melodies, gritty rhythms, and abrasive textures are skillfully layered into an unclassifiable sonic collage to deliver his own interpretation of rap music.

Since 2019, Emma DJ has been releasing on imprints like UIQ, REIF, Collapsing Market, BFDM and L.I.E.S. Godrime (2021) was recorded in Paris during lockdown when he started to dive into rap music. Crossing rap production with his own distinct style, he compiled a series of one-shot iPhone recordings featuring collaborators such as Bambounou, Lemaire, Lily Standefer, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nono Ekichii, Swan Meat, Tmongo and Yves Ciroc. In June 2021, his first collaborative experimental trap live show ‘g0drm’ debuted at Bourse de Commerce, Collection Pinault.

Following 2021’s ‘godrime’ LP, ‘g0drm2’ shifted its focus towards the melodic side of trap music, playing with childlike harmonies, ego trip verses and autotune experimentation throughout 27 new songs inspired by today’s pop culture.  The mixtape featured contributions from cambyse, cxoxc, elliotrdv, eugène blove, low jack, nonoekichii, rainy miller, shyweek, simo cell, tmongo, torus, yves ciroc, lil rhiz0me.

This September, Emma DJ will present a new live piece with multidisciplinary artist cxoxc at Berlin Atonal 2023.